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Article #10299: How do I change the default save directory in Builder?


How do I change the default directory that Builder saves to when I save my project?


On Windows 95 and NT Builder will save to the directory that it was launched from. This means, if you were to launch Builder from a DOS box while the current directory was "c:\penguins\are\cool", then when you click "Save" while in that session of Builder, the current diretory in the Save dialog box will be "c:\penguins\are\cool". The shortcut you double-click on to start a session of Builder (either in the start button menu or on your desktop) contains a parameter that tells Windows what directory to launch Builder from. To change this parameter, find the shortcut (if it's in your start menu, right click on the start button and choose explore), right click on it, choose properties, and click the "Shortcut" tab at the top of the window that appears. Change the "Start in:" edit field to whatever directory you want and the save dialog box will reflect this change.

On Windows 98 and Windows 2000, the operating system keeps a record of the last visited directory by each application in the system registry. Open or Save dialog boxes will default back to that directory.

Last Modified: 19-OCT-99