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Article #10407: How do I generate executables that don't require .dll files?

I tried to run my 'hello world' program on my
friends computer, but a message appeared
claiming I was missing a certain .dll file.  How
do I fix this problem?


The default options are set so that a new project
will rely on the .dll files that are included with the
installation of C++ Builder 4.  This allows executables
to be much smaller in size.  In order to build
executables that don't depend on these files,
however, it is necessary to change a few of the
project options.

Open your project, go to the 'Project' menu, and
choose 'Options...'  When the Project Options appear,
click on the 'Packages' tab and uncheck 'Build with
runtime packages.'  Now, click on the 'Linker' tab
and uncheck 'Use dynamic RTL.'  After this, rebuild
your project.


Last Modified: 01-NOV-99