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Article #10414: Why am I spontaneously getting "type mismatch in redeclaration of..." errors in the Windows header files?

Question: Why am I getting type mismatch and already defined errors in the system header files??!!
Answer: This problem arises sometimes (in Borland C++ 4.52+) when changing from a 16 to 32 bit target. The ide file can sometimes become corrupted, and the most commonly corrupted option is the symbol length option. There are a good deal of long identifiers in the windows header files that have a "unique point" such as a W or A (Ansi or Unicode), or a _proxy or _stub tacked on the end of them that depend on certain cases. If the identifier length option is changed to something that is shorter than that "unique point", the compiler will not recognize them as different. To change this, go into the project options under Compiler and Source. Change the identifier length option to something suitable.

Last Modified: 13-OCT-99