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Article #10479: Builder Installation Fails After Asking for 'original product cd'.

Question: Why does the Borland C++ Builder 4 Professional installation ask me to 'insert the original product CD' after searching for installed components?

Answer: If you receive the message 'insert original product CD'during the installation C++ Builder Pro, it is possible that the version of C++ Builder 4 that you are describing is the 'Version Upgrade' edition.

In this case, the setup program is looking for previously installed Borland programs in order to authorize the installation. That is why you get the message saying that the installation program is 'searching for installed components.'

The 'Version Upgrade' of C++ Builder 4 has the word 'Upgrade' in the upper corner of the box. If the box you have does not match this description, or if you believe that you have received this version in error, please call Install Assist at 831.461.9144 with the following information:

  • Serial #
  • Authorization key
  • Item # on CD (It will be similar in format to: CPE1440WW15670)
  • Place of purchase
  • Last Modified: 01-NOV-99