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Article #10525: Problems with Y2K update for Borland C++ 5.X


The Y2K update states it applies to Borland C++ 5.X, yet when I installed it for my Borland C++ version 5.0 (or 5.01), the libraries and header files that it replaced fail to work properly.  Why is this happening?


Some of our customers have reported that when the Y2K update is applied to Borland C++ versions 5.0 or 5.01, the associated libraries and header files cause errors to occur during compilation.  If you have noticed similar behavior on your system, I recommend that you restore the old libraries which were replaced by the Y2K update.  If you did not create backups of these files prior to installing the Y2K update, then it may be necessary to retrieve these files from the CD, or reinstall the product over the current installation.

If it is necessary for you to use a Y2K certified compiler (not necessary unless you are creating projects that incorporate time/date functions).  I recommend you upgrade to latest edition of our C++ compiler.  Information about this product including current prices can be found at the following location:

Last Modified: 27-OCT-99