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Article #10537: What Ftp functionality is availible from the Wininet API?

Question: What Ftp functionality is available from the WinInet API?

Answer: Here is a list of the Ftp functions found in the Wininet API

FTP Functions Description
InternetOpen This initializes the Win32 internet functions
InternetConnect This opens a session for an FTP, HTTP, or Gopher application
FtpCreateDirectory This creates a new directory on the server
FtpRemoveDirectory Removes directory from the server
FtpOpenFile Opens a file on the server for reading and writing
FtpGetFile Retrieves the specified file and creates it locally
FtpPutFile Sends the specified file to the server
FtpDeleteFile Deletes the specified file from the server
FtpSetCurrentDirectory Sets the current working directory on the server
FtpGetCurrentDirectory Returns the current working directory on the server
FtpCommand Send commands to the server
FtpFindFirstFile Returns file information in a WIN32_FIND_DATA struture
InternetFindNextFile Used to continue searching the directories after calling FtpFindFirstFile()
FtpRenameFile Renames specified file on server

Last Modified: 28-OCT-99