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Article #15227: Performance with two or more queries

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FAQ227B.txt   Performance with two or more queries
Category   :Database (MSSQL)
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Using MSSQL, or Sybase for that matter, why does a second simple 
select query run more slowly than a preceding query.

MS SQL has a "pending result sets" behavior where the 1st query
will only retrieve a small set of records (usually enough to
fill a grid or any other data aware controls), and there will be
a pending result set.  The second query causes that pending
result set to be retrieved.  This can be tested by closing the
first query before running the second or connecting each query
to a TDatabase. The BDE uses a "special" connection type that is
restricted to one per database connection.  When a second query 
is run within the same database connection, the BDE must fetch
and cache the previous query's records before starting the next


Close the first query before opening the second
Use multiple databases, one per query
Use a more restrictive where clause to limit the number of
Use a more restrictive domain result to retrieve only the 
fields you need

7/15/98 3:23:06 PM

Last Modified: 06-OCT-99