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Article #15280: 'ct_cursor(CLOSE); user api layer: external error

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FAQ280B.txt   'ct_cursor(CLOSE); user api layer: external error
Category   :Database (Sybase)
Platform    :Win95/NT
Product    :  

SELECT INTO statment returning error "ct_cursor(CLOSE); user api
layer: external error: A cursor must be opened before this
command type can be intialized." What is wrong and how do I get
around the problem?

The Sybase CTLIB client will always parse a passthrough sql
statement weather or not we (Delphi, BDE, SQL Links, etc.) issue
an 'open' or 'exec'. If a SELECT is found to be the FIRST
word, it (Sybase CTLIB) will try to create a cursor hence the
error message. There is a workaround.  Place a comment in front
of the SQL text like so: 

  select * into #temptable from oldtable
TO /**/select * into #temptable from oldtable 7/15/98 3:23:06 PM

Last Modified: 06-OCT-99