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Article #15290: Simple Programs and TargetExpert

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FAQ290C.txt   Simple Programs and TargetExpert
Category   :IDE
Platform    :Win95/NT
Product    :   BC++5.x


Under 4.52, my programs (even the legendary "hello world") 
would execute in a Windows "window", but since upgrading to
5.01, all my programs execute under a "DOS" window. As you 
can probably guess, I'm new at all this, and I can't figure 
out if I just chose a "wrong" option during the setup, or 
if I'm just doing something wrong during the build and execute


What probably changed was your TargetExpert settings.

If you have a project:

1)right click on the .EXE node in your project window.
2)choose TargetExpert off the speedmenu.
3)under platform, what does it say?
4)under application type, what does it say?

If this is a straight file (file|open):

1)right click in the window that you type in.
2-4) same as above

Now, for #3 and #4...
If you want things in a Windows "window" and this is standard C or C++ 
(the ~5 line "hello world" is a good example of this...) your 
Target Type needs to be EasyWin (and this will automatically set the 
Platform to Windows 3.x).  If you want it to run in DOS, then it needs
to be set as Target Type .EXE and Platform DOS(Standard).  Since this is
5.0, you're running under 95 or NT.  This means you can also have a 
32-bit console window, which is different than running in DOS.  If you
want the 32 bit console window, you need to have the Target Type be .EXE,
the Platform be Win32, and the Target Model to be Console.  

Whichever set of these you currently have will determine HOW your program 

This is how to change between them.

Whenever you change your TargetExpert settings, you will need to do 
a Build All (project|build all) on your next compilation.

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99