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Article #15313: File Extensions for dBASE and Paradox tables

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FAQ313B.txt   File Extensions
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What are the file extensions for dBASE and Paradox tables?


File Extensions for Paradox Tables.?

.DB 	Paradox table?
.FAM listing of related files (like a table's .TV file)?
.LCK Lock file?
.MB Blob file?
.PX Primary index?
.TV Table view settings (not used by BDE)?
.VAL Validity checks and referential integrity?
.Xnn Secondary single-field index, numbered?
.Ynn Secondary single-field index, numbered?
.XGn Composite secondary index ?
.YGn Composite secondary index ?
File Extensions for dBASE Tables? .DBF dBASE table
.DBT Memos for a dBASE table
.MDX Maintained index of a dBASE table
.NDX Non-maintained index of a dBASE table
.TVF Table view settings for a dBASE table
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Last Modified: 05-OCT-99