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Article #15329: 'Insufficient memory for this operation' error

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FAQ329B.txt   'Insufficient memory for this operation' error
Category   :Database (Miscellaneous)
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Whenever I attempt to open many query or table cursors, I
finally reach a point when I get an error, "Insufficient memory
for this operation".  What do I do?


First, you should read the technical document at 


Some current internal limits of BDE. This document will tell you what
most of absolute BDE limits are.

IMPORTANT: If your application is not reaching one of
the limits covered there and you are also getting the above error message, 
most likely the SHAREDMEMSIZE setting in the BDE will solve your problem.  This setting 
will allow you to increase the BDE's internal object memory pool.  A setting between 4096 
and 8192 should be more than plenty.

7/15/98 3:23:06 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99