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Article #15367: Implementing tools into the IDE

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FAQ367C.txt   Implementing tools into the IDE
Category   :IDE
Platform    :Win95/NT
Product    :   BC++5.x


I am trying to integrate vaious legacy DOS apps into the 
BC5.01a IDE as tools (passing in various arguments). 
Some work just fine, while others produce the comment
"Not a valid IDE tool" in the messagewindow. What is the 
correct mehod for integrating tools?


This should give you an idea of how to set up your executables
and batch files as tools in the IDE.

1. Select Options | Tools... | New
2. Fill in the blanks for the new tool.  For example:

 Name:  CompileXXX
 Path:  C:\XXX\MakeXXX.EXE

 where $NOSWAP $CAP MSG(GENERIC) sets it up to capture 
 messages  without swapping the screen
 $NAME($EDNAME) passes the name of the file to translate.
 Check the help for other filename/directory macro options.
 optional_parameters are other switches and/or parameters to
 pass to the tool.

 For a batch file, enter COMMAND.COM for "Path" and use /C 
 followed by the batch name and the above options.

 For example:

 Here, MAKEMSG.BAT is the batch file and "BC" is a parameter
 that  it uses.
 Help Hint: Something descriptive of the tool.
3. Click on the Advanced button
        Tool Type:  Select Translator
        Check the Target Translator check box
        Translator Details:
                From: .XXX   (specify source extension)
                   To: .YYY   (specify output extension)
         Default For: .XXX;  (same as From extension)
4. Click on OK to save everything.

To use the tool, add the file you want to use it on to the
project, right click on it, select Edit Node Attributes, and if 
not already set, click on the translator field's down arrow to 
select it.  If it's set up properly, when you compile it should
run and send its output to the message viewer window.

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99