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Article #15372: 'Insufficient memory to complete operation' error

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FAQ372B.txt  'Insufficient memory to complete operation' error
Category    :Database (Miscellaneous)
Platform    :All
Product     :BDE  

"Insufficient memory to complete operation" error when
attempting various BDE / Database operations: What is wrong?

More than likely, you have hit one of the BDE fixed, but
configurable, memory limitations. Use the BDE Administrator
(BDEADMIN.EXE) to increase MEMSIZE and SHAREDMEMSIZE settings. 
You might also want to re-evaluate the application hitting this 
limitation because it is likely that the application is a 
serious resource hit on the machine.  Not using auto-create 
forms and only opening tables and queries when needed can free 
up resources.

7/15/98 3:23:06 PM

Last Modified: 19-OCT-99