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Article #15752: Using TASM from the IDE

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FAQ752C.txt   Using TASM from the IDE
Category   :IDE
Platform    :All
Product    :   BC++4.5x   BC++5.x


Is it possible to use Turbo Assembler from the Windows IDE 
in Borland C++ 4.5 or Borland C++ 5.0?


Yes, but you need to make some modifications to the IDE in order
to get it to work.

First, you need to be sure that the assembler binaries are in the
BC\bin directory. Next, go to Options|Tools. There should be an
assembler tool there; edit it. Click on the 'Advanced' button, 
then verify that that tool is the default translator for the 
.asm node. 

Be sure to do a 'build all' not simply a 'compile' when you want
to rebuild your assembly module.

You will not be able to debug your application as the IDE will 
invoke the BC 4.02 linker which uses a different format for
debugging information.

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99