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Article #15776: Transferring Large DOS programs to IDE projects

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FAQ776C.txt   Transferring Large DOS programs to IDE projects
Category   :IDE
Platform    :DOS
Product    :   BC++4.5x   BC++5.x


I have a multi-file DOS graphics program that has been evolving 
for years using a command-line make file to build.  In order to 
use your PVCS, I want to migrate it to a project that I will 
develop from the IDE.  I have succeeded in attaching the files 
to the project tree and compiling them, but the linker gives the 
following error message:

Segment _TEXT exceeds 64K      [when I use the COMPACT model]


Fixup overflow at _TEXT:0136   [when I use LARGE or HUGE model]


The first message means that you created more than 64K of code; 
this would be a limitation of the compact memory model.  Use the 
medium or large memory model.

The second message means that you did not do a "build all" after 
switching memory models, so some of your code is still sitting 
around compiled in the compact memory model.  Do a build all.  
Do not use the huge memory model - use the large memory model.

5/13/98 10:43:58 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99