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Article #15871: BWCC 2.0 or greater required

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FAQ871C.txt   BWCC 2.0 or greater required
Category   :Install Issues
Platform    :All Windows
Product    :   BC++4.5x


It has been over a year since I installed this. I installed 
Borland C++, in both NT4.0 and windows 3.1. In both cases, I 
cannot access the Resource Workshop due to missing BWCC 2.0? 
What the hell is this? I have deleted it entirely and 
re-installed. Also having trouble with compiling some programs 
as well, I assume these are related as this worked perfectly 


This error occurs if you have more than one copy of BWCC.DLL in 
your path.  Once you have installed BC++4.5, delete or rename 
all copies you find ON YOUR HARD DRIVE of BWCC.DLL (that exact 
filename and no other) EXCEPT the one located in your 
\windows\system directory.  That is the correct one, and 
you should not touch it.

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99