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Article #15907: bc5 help error unable to display find tab #177

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QNA        :bc5 help error unable to display find tab #177
Category   :On-Line Help
Platform   :Windows95
Product   :BC++  5.x

Using bc5 help I get an empty dialog box with a red X. After
I press cancel several times It opens a dialog titled "preparing
help files for first use" then generates an error saying
"unable to display find tab error #177". 
I have already deleted all my .gid files in /help and then I 
used openhelp and limited my selection to one topic, But I still
have this problem


This error is a result of a corrupted .gid and or a missing 
winhelp.ini reference. There are several fixes for the bc5 help 
errors. I will go through these in the respective order.

1> View the \Windows\winhelp.ini file. remove any references to 
   previous Borland product ie: bc45. Save
2> Delete all of the .GID files in the bc5\help directory,
3> bring up \BIN\OPENHELP.EXE,and reduce the number of 
   files in the search range. This should cause the corrupted 
   file to be recreated.
4> open a help file for bc(start menu|borland c++|help|filename)
5> If this fails, there might still be an invalid bc5 help file 
   refrence in the winhelp.ini to be sure rename the 
   \Windows\winhelp.ini to a .old and start over at step 2.

7/2/1998 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99