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Article #16102: dynatext23 online books doesn't have any books

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QNA        :dynatext23 online books doesn't have any books
Category   :On-Line Help
Platform   :Windows95
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I'm using bc4.52.
 my dynatext23 online books doesn't work. It opens up but the 
bookshelf is empty.

There is an invalid path in the dynatext.ini file

edit c:/dtext23/bin/dynatext.ini

view the line collection=;v: blah blah blah 
change the v: to the cd rom drive letter.

now when you open dtext23 online books should work
Yes, the cd rom needs to be in the drive to see the books

(it is possible to copy the books to the hard drive and change 
the collection path if you wish to deal with it)

5/18/1998 8:48:28 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99