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Article #16384: C++ and Pascal

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FAQ1384C.txt   C++ and Pascal
Category   :C/C++ Language Issues
Platform    :All
Product    :C++Builder  1.x


I am C++ programmer and not familiar with pascal. Can you 
give me a few pointers that will help?


Here are some pointers:

    - Function ( procedure ) calls don't require parenthesis.

    - When you see '.' in pascal, you probably need the '->' 
      in C/C++.
        Form2.Show;     (* Opascal *)
        Form2->Show();  // C++  

    - Don't forget assignment operator is a colon equals 
      combination ':='.
    - Create and CreateNew are Object Pascal's constructors.

    - The inherited statement is used to tell the compiler 
      not to call the function named in the current class, 
      but to use the one in the next class higher in the 
      hierarchy. If not, there continue searching up the 
      hierarchy. This is the same as the super keyword in 
      Java or Smalltalk.
    - Bar = class(Foo) in Opascal says a variable of 
      type class Bar inheirits compatibliliy with class Foo.
        Shape = class
            . . . 
        Rectangle = class(Shape)
            . . . 

        Square = class(Rectangle) 
            . . .
        Circle = class(Shape)
            . . .
     In example above a value of Rectangle can be assigned to 
variables of type Rectangle, Shape, or TObject ( base of all 
VCL classes.) At runtime a variable of type Shape can reference 
an instance of Shape, Rectangle, Square, or Circle or any other 
instance or a class derived from Shape.


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