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Article #16429: 'Unknown Error (#1)'

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FAQ1429C.txt   'Unknown Error (#1)'
Category   :IDE
Platform    :Win95/NT
Product    :   C++Builder1.0   C++Builder3.x


I have been getting the "Unknown Error (#1)".  What is it and 
is there a fix for it?


Unknown Error #1 is a generic IDE message either for:
 - Internal compiler error.
 - Internal linker error.
To determine which type of error you are getting, use the 
Makefile for your project and build your application from the 
command line. Before you do, delete all .CSM and .ILS files. 
Then turn off incremental linking and build again.
The information about the error sometimes gets left behind in 
.CSM and .ILS files. If you have solved the problem that led to 
the internal error in the first place. Be sure to delete the 
.CSM and .ILS again.
If you still can't get rid of the Unknown Error, please submit 
a bug report.  Having code that will consistently generate the 
error will help up track down and fix this problem.

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99