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Article #16564: Fatal Block Overflow during Linking

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QNA        :Fatal Block Overflow during Linking
Category   :Linking
Platform   :Windows95
Product   :BC++  5.x

I'm trying to generate browser information and I get an error
from the linker "fatal block overflow" when building with
browser on.


The cache for browser information is too small and TLINK32
complains about it.

1) Turn browser off if you don't need it
2) If you need it, change the BrowserCache settings on the
TLINK32.INI created on the same directory of your project
file. It's an hex value like 0x200, bump up to 0x300 for 
example and try again.

Reboot the IDE after the crash.

7/2/1998 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99