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Article #16614: Tasm 5 version numbers

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FAQ1614C.txt   Tasm 5 version numbers
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Could someone help me on this one. I purchased Tasm 5.0. 
The box said version 5.0 and the installation refered to version
5.0. The installation was performed with no problems. 
However, when Tasm is called, it prints out version 4.1 in its 
header line. When I insert the Version directive in the code 
like this; [Version 500] (brackets mine), it squawks an error. 
There is no error output with when the line [Version 410] is 
Did I receive Tasm 5.0 or not? If I did, why does Tasm 5.0 not 
know of its own existence?


TASM.EXE and TASMX.EXE will report version 4.1. TASM32.EXE will
report version 5.0. They're all bundled together in the same 
package. I don't know why the 16-bit versions where not updated
to reflect the proper version number.

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99