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Article #16649: Do Overlays work in BC++ 5.01

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QNA        :Do Overlays work in BC++ 5.01
Category   :Linking
Platform   :Windows95
Product   :BC++  5.x

Can I create an overlayed DOS program with 5.01


There are two overlay problems with 5.01
1) the IDE project manager doesn't pick up the local Node attributes, 
"overlay this module" correctly so /o is not passed to tlink.exe
You will not see this switch in the *.r$p file that is produced.
2) tlink.exe (5.01) does not respect this switch anyway.
So the only resolution is to use an older tlink ( 7.0 comes with 4.52 )
and use the makefile that "Generate makefile" produces ( this does pick
up the "overlay this module" checkbox ). Or if they are committed to 
projects they will have to install 4.52.

relevant switches:
-Y compiler switch ( make this obj overlayable )
/o linker switch ( overlay toggle )
TDUMP has some friendly "this is overlayed" diagnostics.

7/2/1998 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99