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Article #16845: What are IDAPI and SQL links

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FAQ1845C.txt   What are  IDAPI and SQL links
Category   :Database Issues
Platform    :All
Product    :C++Builder  1.x

What is the definition of 'IDAPI'? What is 'SQL Links'?

IDAPI is the Integrated Database Application Program Interface.
BDE is a way to access multiple data sources with a consistent 
API.  The distinction is in the terminology: IDAPI is the API 
for the BDE. It includes all the  functions necessary to access,
manipulate, etc. the data;  BCB, dBASE for Windows, Quattro Pro, 
and Paradox  for Windows use these functions to access data:  
You can use them yourself in your programs. If you look at the 
BCB source you will see these functions used. They are prefaced 
with "Dbi" (e.g. DbiCreateTable).

SQL Links is a collection of native drivers that enable you to 
connect to remote database servers.

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