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Article #17039: BDE 4.51 causes Application Error

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FAQ2039C.txt   BDE 4.51 causes Application Error
Category   :Database Issues
Platform    :All
Product    :C++Builder  1.x

when building a program that interacts with MS Access
using the BDE 4.51 and C++Builder, I find that programs
I run under the debugger crash with an exception. The
programs work fine when run from windows, and I can
access the data fine at designtime. What is happening?

The DAO, like the VCL, uses exceptions internally to
propogate information and control structures. The
C++Builder debugger is designed so as to trigger a user
interrupt when a certain number of internal exceptions
have been tracked. That interrupt causes the exception
message to appear.

The program being debugged has not crashed, and it is
perfectly reasonable to resume execution without doing
anything other than clicking on the exception message
box. The interruption is only intended to serve as a
notification about what is happening behind the scenes.

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99