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Article #17055: Bad CD's

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FAQ2055C.txt   Bad CD's
Category   :Install Issues
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Product    :C++Builder  ALL

How do I determine if I have a bad CD?

It is extremely unusual to have received a CD that is corrupt. In 
many cases, the CDROM itself is not reading the CD properly. One 
of the following actions may correct the problem,or allow the 
installation to proceed:

1.) Copy the Setup directory to your hard drive using Windows
Explorer. If this fails, attempt it from DOS.

2.) If the CDROM is external, try turning the CD-ROM drive on
it's side.  As strange as this may sound, in many cases it will
change the behavior.

3.) If you are using Windows drivers, switch to the 
manufacturer's CD-ROM drivers (try the reverse if you are using
the manufacturer's drivers). Also, check with
your manufacturer to obtain a more recent copy of their driver.

4.) A possible cause may be speed synchronization problems
between the processor and CDROM. Try slowing down your
microprocessor by taking your machine out of turbo mode and
disabling any software that speeds your machine up, such as
SmartDrive. If necessary, you can also disable BIOS caching and
shadow RAM.
5.) Compare the file size of any files that you suspect are
corrupt to the file size of those on your CD.  If you can copy
the setup directory from the CD to the hard drive, and the file
sizes match, then the CD is most likely fine -- the problem is elsewhere.

6.) If the CD-ROM drive simply will not read from the CD at all
(and works on other CDs), then replacing the CD with an identical
CD will probably not work either. Alternately, you could try
using another CD-ROM drive (or copy the files over the network
from another machine).

7.) Be sure that this system is using an Intel 80x86- this is the
only processor we will support.

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99