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Article #17125: Turbo Debugger and Overlay

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FAQ2125C.txt   Turbo Debugger and Overlay
Category   :Command Line Tools
Platform    :All
Product    :TC++  DOS 3.0

I am trying to use the dos turbo debugger, and and using 
writing a dos overlay project.  I load my code into the 
Debugger and when i get to the line where I call
OverInitEXE (...) if fails.  I knw that this function is
working without the debugger but in the debugger it is not.
What do I do???

You need to set the debugger's ovelay buffer down.  Do this 
by using the -y<#> command. Play with the sizes it will 
eventually work.

5/13/98 9:46:47 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99