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Article #17137: How to add the IE4.0 TWebBrowser Control

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FAQ2137C.txt   How to add the IE4.0 TWebBrowser Control
Category   :VCL
Platform    :All
Product    :C++Builder  1.x

When I try to install the TWebBrowser from the IE4.0 internet
controls and I get RLINK32 errors.  How do I install this 

Here is a short listing of what you have to do in order to use
- Install Microsofts IE 4.01 (Build 4.72...) IE 4.0 has a bug
  concerning keyboard input
- Use Components | Install | ActiveX, choose Micorsoft Internet
  Controls, TWebBrowser and TShellFolderViewOC shows up under 
  classname, push OK in the OLE Controls import dialog box.
- do not yet go to OK in the Components install Dialogbox, 
  this would lead to the often reported RLINK32 out of memeory
- delete the file SHDOCVW.DCR in the Cbuilder\LIB directory.
- now go to OK in the Components install Dialogbox, this starts
  the recompilation of the libs
- in the SHDOCVW.HPP file in the Cbuilder\LIB directory you have
  to change in Line 208 from
    /* TWinControl.CreateParented */ 
    __fastcall TWebBrowser(HWND ParentWindow): 
    /* TWinControl.CreateParented */ 
    __fastcall TWebBrowser(HANDLE
                       ParentWindow) : Olectrls::TOleControl(
- now you can use the TWebBrowser Component
 Variant A=0,B=0,C=0,D=0;
// WebBrowser1->Navigate("",A,B,C,D);
 WebBrowser1->Navigate("c:/Eigene Dateien/HTML/Fbt/index.html",A,B,C,D);
-even https works fine

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99