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Article #17629: C++Builder install on on Windows NT and Windows 2000, only Administrator works


I just installed Borland C++ Builder under Windows NT or 2000, and it works fine as Administrator, but ONLY as Administrator. When Users log on, the component palette is empty, and can't link any programs.

What how do I fix these problems?


Newer versions of C++Builder allow you to perform a "registry only" install. You can rerun the installation for each user account and when the installer asks you what type of installation you want (ie full, custom, etc), choose "registry only".

If your version of C++Builder does not have this feature, use these steps:

  1. For Windows NT: Copy the CBuilder folder from C:/Winnt/Profiles/Administrator/StartMenu/Programs and paste it in to C:/Winnt/Profiles//StartMenu/Programs (Provided that you have done a default installation.)
  2. For Windows 2000: Copy the CBuilder folder from C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/StartMenu/Programs and paste it in to C:/Documents and Settings//StartMenu/Programs (Provided that you have done a default installation).
  3. You must also export two registry keys while logged in as Administrator. These must be exported to an area that is visible to the User Account and this User must be given rights to modify the registry in order to import the keys.


  4. Log in as the desired User and double click on the two .reg files that you created.

Note: This must be done for each User Account.


Last Modified: 13-JUN-01