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Article #17770: Manual Installation for BC5

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FAQ2770C.txt   Manual Installation for BC5
Category   :Install Issues
Platform    :Win95/NT
Product    :   BC++5.x

I'm getting all kinds of errors:  Corrupt pak files, setup.exe is not a valid Win32 
application, and similar problems.  I've tried doing a hard drive installation and a Safe 
Mode installation already, and neither of those have worked.  What do I do?

You need to do a manual installation.  The way to do this is:

A.  Copy the BC5 directory off of your CD rom and onto your hard drive (preferably 
not into a directory with long file names)

B.  Copy the files from either the Win95 or the WinNT directories into the appropriate 
directories on your hard drive (i.e. all the files from the Win95\System directory into 
the Windows\System directory on a Windows 95 machine, or all the files from the 
WinNT directory into the WinNT directory on a WinNT machine.)

C.  Run the install and choose the option such that it installs only Icons/System 


Last Modified: 01-SEP-99