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Article #17830: Using "other the 1 byte" alignment with OWL

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FAQ2830C.txt   Using "other the 1 byte" alignment with OWL
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Platform    :All Windows
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How do I use other than 1 byte alignment compiler oprtion with OWL?

This seems to be a fairly common problem faced by people.
As it turns-out,  the Borland OWL libraries,  are compiled/bound on a
1 byte boundary,  so any interface to them *must* accept this,  and
work with it.  The easiest method for doing that is to place the
boundary restriction on the entire project.  Of course,  all of the
Builder VCL related libraries are on quad-word (4 byte) boundaries,
so if you are interfacing with them,  you must use their boundary

Real Problems(tm) arise when you want to mix OWL and VCL in a
project,  and even more so when they are both required in the same
source module.  To achieve any sort of success with this,  you need to
use the #pragma's to change the alignment based on the interface you
are working with...
Or you can rebuild the OWL libraries with quad word aligment. See the makefile in 
\source\owl\  for information on how to rebuild OWL with a different byte

8/18/98 8:56:29 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99