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Article #18722: "Property is write only"

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FAQ3722C.txt   "Property is write only"
Category   :ActiveX/OLE/COM/ActiveForm
Platform    :Win95/NT
Product    :   C++Builder3.x

I installed Farpoint Spreadsheet control 2.5 and am getting a "Property
is Write Only" messagebox from within the Builder 3.0 IDE whenever I try
to run or even save the project.  Anyone seen this?  What does this

The error message indicates that something that should not have been exposed
in the __published section of the wrapper that hosts the control was put in
the __published section. There was a bug in the shipping version of CBuilder
that would publish interface properties. There's a patched copy of TLIBIMP
(a command line version of the CodeGenerator used by the IDE) that should
address this problem. It is posted on the Inprise Web site.

8/26/98 2:27:32 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99