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Article #18767: Oracle's Oracle 7.x ODBC drivers, VARCHAR2 >255

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QNA        :Oracle's Oracle 7.x ODBC drivers, VARCHAR2 >255
Category   :Database (ODBC)
Platform   :Win95/NT
Product   :   All32Bit

I am unable to see or edit data from my VARCHAR2 fields when they are 
defined as >255 in size.

This is a problem that has been seen with only the Oracle ODBC drivers. 
"Live" TQueries can be used in this situation.
The Oracle SQL Links drivers and Intersolv Oracle ODBC drivers do not 
exhibit the same behavior.  
As a general rule ODBC drivers should be ODBC level 2 compliant when 
used with the Borland Database Engine.


Last Modified: 01-SEP-99