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Article #18789: SQL LINKS >=4.0 BLOB SIZE parameter

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FAQ3789B.txt   SQL LINKS >=4.0 BLOB SIZE parameter
Category   :BDE Features
Platform    :Win95/NT
Product    :   All32Bit

What is the BDE BLOB SIZE parameter used for?

[*Please note that the behavior described below applies only to BDE/SQL 
Links >=4.0.  The Version 4.01 BLOB SIZE param applies to viewing "dead" 
results as well as live results containing text/blob data if BLOB SIZE 
is set higher than 32k]

Increasing the BLOB SIZE from the default of 32 will currently prevent 
opening "dead" (unindexed or Request Live = false) results from returning 
text data when opening. In other words if BLOB SIZE is increased from 32 
then only TQueries that are opened as live results will return data.

From SQL Links 4.0 Help:

Determines the fetch buffer size for dead BLOBs. Applications that 
deal with dead BLOBs using dead  table opens or queries or batchmoves 
can set a maximum limit on the size of BLOBs to fetch. Setting this 
parameter to 64 means your application can fetch BLOBs of up to 64K. 
This parameter does not apply to live table opens.

Default Value: 32
Range : >32 and <1000

Interbase BLOBs are always "live" and are therefore not affected by 
the BLOB SIZE param

Binding a large buffer for fetching dead blobs by setting the BLOB SIZE 
setting to max (65535) DB2 returns SQL error "SQL0973N Not enough 
storage is available in the QUERY_HEAP to process the statement. 
This is a vendor restriction. Increasing the QUERY_HEAP on the server 
should solve the problem.


Last Modified: 01-SEP-99