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Article #19233: Problem using the TChart component

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FAQ4233C.txt   :Problem using the TChart component
Category   :VCL
Platform    :Win95/NT
Product    :C++Builder3.x,   

I get an error about spin.hpp when trying to use the TChart example

Open up the file 'TeePrevi.hpp" and make the following

Modify line 11 from:

to read:

Modify line 101 from:
Spin::TSpinEdit* SETopMa;

to read:
Cspin::TCSpinEdit* SETopMa;

Modify line 102 from:
Spin::TSpinEdit* SELeftMa;

to read:
Cspin::TCSpinEdit* SELeftMa;

Modify line 103 from:
Spin::TSpinEdit* SEBotMa;

to read:
Cspin::TCSpinEdit* SEBotMa;

Modify line 104 from:
Spin::TSpinEdit* SERightMa;

to read:
Cspin::TCSpinEdit* SERightMa;

Modify line 137 from:
void __fastcall ChangeMargin(Spin::TSpinEdit* AEdit, int &APos, int OtherSide);

to read:
void __fastcall ChangeMargin(Cspin::TCSpinEdit* AEdit, int &APos, int OtherSide);

12/16/1998 8:58:47 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99