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Article #19329: Installing Acroread that Comes with Turbo C++ 4.5

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FAQ4329C.txt   :Installing Acroread that Comes with Turbo C++ 4.5
Category   :Install Issues
Platform    :Win95/NT
Product    :TC++Win4.5,   

I was installing the version of Acrobat Reader 
(Acroread) that came with Turbo C++ 4.5, and the 
install failed.  Now, when I try to reboot Windows, 
Windows gives me an error message and kicks me into 
Safe Mode.  The error says something about atmsys, 
but it's too fast for me to read it all.

Acrobat Reader makes certain changes to your system.ini
file.  If the installation doesn't finish completely, 
these changes may cause Windows not to boot.

What Reader changes:

In your System.ini file, you previously had a line
in your [boot] section that read:


Installing Acrobat Reader probably removed the other 
line, and added one or both of these lines to the [boot]
section of the system.ini file:


In order to get windows to boot, you will have to 
remove the lines that Acroread placed in your system.ini
(whether it added one or both), and replace them with 
the original line.

So, when you're done, under the [boot] section of the 
system.ini, you should have a line that reads:


When you're finished doing this, if you need to have 
Acrobat Reader on your system, download a new version 
from Adobe's webpage at:


2/9/1999 10:30:17 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99