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Article #19336: Possible source of floating point overflow

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FAQ4336C.txt   :Possible source of floating point overflow
Category   :IDE
Platform    :Windows 95
Product    :BC++4.5x,   BC++5.x,   TC++Win4.5,   

Is it possible that a background application could be loading Microsoft's
MSVCRT20.DLL (which causes a floating point error when I stream a float)?

The floating point overflow problem has been documented in:


On some Win95 systems, allowing McAfee Virus Scan to run at startup can lead to
MSVCRT20.DLL being reloaded without notification, changing the floating point 
precision in the FPU control word and resulting in floating point overflow errors.

2/9/1999 10:29:19 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99