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Article #19369: Yet another Floating point error from EasyWin

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FAQ4369C.txt   :Yet another Floating point error from EasyWin
Category   :Compiler
Platform    :All Windows
Product    :BC++4.5x,   BC++5.x,   TC++Win4.5,   

Why do I _still_ get floating point errors/crashes from
the compiler? I tried all the steps in the other FAQs!

There is yet another application which messes with the fp
reset in window, it has been reported lately by a customer
that the latest version of McCaffee virus scan, turning this
off fixes this problem.

This can happen from other application that can do this as well,
in order to figure out what they may be, start your machine in SAFE
MODE and attempt to determine what is running in regular mode that
is not in SAFE MODE.

2/11/1999 10:50:42 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99