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Article #19374: My component palettes are missing!

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FAQ4374C.txt   :My component palettes are missing!
Category   :IDE
Platform    :All-32Bit
Product    :C++Builder3.x,   C++Builder4.x,   

Something happend during an install/uninstall and now the component palettes
are missing in CBuilder!

There are a couple of things that can cause this to date, however, rather than dwell
on those, lets just cure the problem.

You can easily re-add any missing palettes by doing the following:

1) In the IDE, goto the Component menu.
2) From there select "Install Packages ..."
3) select the "Add ..." button.
4) A browse dialog will come up, filtering for .bpl files.
   Navigate to the CBuilder/Bin directory and select all
   of the .bpl files.
5) The IDE will warn you that it cannot install some of these
   because they are not design time packages. That is fine,
   acknowledge and move on.
6) You should now have all of your Palette tabs back and you're ready
   to write the world's best app with the worlds best Windows compiler. =)

2/16/1999 1:50:54 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99