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Article #19451: Problems Installing Under Windows 98

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FAQ4451C.txt - Problems Installing Under Windows 98

Category   :Install Issues
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I get the same error when installing my Borland C++
compiler in Windows 98 safe-mode as regular windows. This
used to work under Windows 95. What changed?

Unlike Windows 95, safe-mode under Windows 98 loads the
current video driver. This can cause problems when a video
driver is the conflicing with your software. To get around
you will have to manually change the video driver in the
Control Panel | Display settings. It is suggested that you
use the default VGA driver provided by Microsoft. For
information on how to do this or where to get the VGA
driver, contact your compter manufacuter or Microsoft.

3/22/99 1:27:05 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99