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Article #19452: 0 Dates and Informix

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FAQ4452B.txt - 0 Dates and Informix

Category   :Database (Informix)
Platform   :All Windows
Product    :All-CBuilder,   C++Builder1.0,   C++Builder3.x,   C++Builder4.x,   Delphi2.x,   Delphi3.x,   Delphi4.x,   

Informix documention says that if you assign 0 to a date
the result should be 12/31/1899, yet if I assign a 0 to an 
Informix date in Delphi or C++ Builder, the result is 12/30/1899.
How come?

Delphi and C++ Builder assign a 0 based date to 12/30/1899.
When they send the date to the server they do not send a zero
but send a 12/30/1899 instead.

3/26/99 10:33:46 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99