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Article #19490: ODBC and DB2 don't do Prepare's

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FAQ4490B.txt - ODBC and DB2 don't do Prepare's

Category :Database (DB2)
Platform :32 bit Windows
Product : ALL 32 Bit BDE

How come I see no performance improvement when preparing a query against an ODBC datasource or a DB2 datasource?

IN BDE versions prior to 5.10, The BDE connection to DB2 and ODBC do not support prepare. Performing a prepare causes a no-op to occur.

BDE 5.10 and later supports Prepare in a DB2 connection. However, executing two prepared statements in a row will generate a General SQL Error. To avoid getting the General SQL Error Unprepare after each SQL execution and then Prepare again before executing the statement again.

ODBC still does not support Prepare.

Last Modified: 01-MAR-00