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Article #19518: BORDBK41.DLL is missing or not registered

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     FAQ: FAQ4518C - BORDBK41.DLL is missing or not registered
Category: Install Issues
Platform: All-32Bit
 Product: C++Builder4.x,   


I had D4 (patch3) installed (on C drive) on my NT workstation and then
installed CBuilder4 (on D: drive). Initially I got an error when trying to
run a D4 application. Then I uninstalled D4 from C drive and re-install it
on D drive - this fixed the Delphi problem. However, now I am having the
same problem with BCB4:

"Debugger Kernel BORDBK41.dll missing or not registered".


You can do a search both drives for the DLL and then
re-register the latest one manually. At the command
prompt, in the directory with the DLL, enter the following:
regsvr32 bordbk41

Also, you can search the Registry to make sure the
correct path and reference count are showing up
for the DLL. (search for BORDBK41 and keep hitting
F3 until you see the setting for shared DLLs)

6/16/99 3:02:23 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99