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Article #19521: Using AnsiString in a WIN32 console program

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FAQ4521C.txt - Using AnsiString in a WIN32 console program

Category   :VCL
Platform   :All-32Bit
Product    :All-CBuilder,   

I #include  in my console program but 
receive many compiler errors. If I add ${BCB}\include\vcl to 
my include directories it compiles but fails to link.
How can I use AnsiString with WIN32 console?

Unless you check "Use Visual Component Library" in your
WIN32 Console wizard, the makefile(.bpr) will 
be unaware that include\vcl needs to be in the directories list
and the proper VCL packages need to be linked.
Simply, check this option when you create
your console program for this support.

5/25/99 11:45:30 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99