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Article #19576: The RTL and Debug Information

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     FAQ: FAQ4576C - The RTL and Debug Information
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How do I build the RTL with debug information?


Fisrt it requires the source to the RTL. 
This can only be found on the Borland C++ Builder Enterprise edition CD. 

It is located in :\runimage\CBuilder4\source\rtl. 
(Note: This is not copied to your hard disk, even during a full install.) 

Set the environment varible DEBUG = 1. 
Also, set the root of your RTL directory to RTLSOURCE. 
For example, if your RTL source resides in D:\source\rtl, 
SET RTLSOURCE=D:\source\rtl. 

Next run the build.bat from your source directory. 

The new .obj, .lib, .dll and .tds will be found in the ..rtl\lib directory.

8/4/99 11:52:24 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99