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Article #19595: Capturing the Active Window or Screen

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     FAQ: FAQ4595C - Capturing the Active Window or Screen
Category: Windows API
Platform: All Windows
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How do  I capture the active window or the entire screen?


Use the Windows API function 
keybd_event(ByVal bVk, ByVal bScan, ByVal dwFlags, ByVal dwExtraInfo);

Now give it the simulated keystrokes.

    keybd_event(0x2c,1,0,0);    //simulate print-key down
    keybd_event(0x2c,0,2,0);    //simulate print-key up
This will give you the entire screen.

    keybd_event(0x2c,0,0,0);    //simulate print-key down
    keybd_event(0x2c,0,2,0);    //simulate print-key down
This will give you the active window.
Note: Under nt you must also simulate alt-key(0x12) to capture the active window.

8/4/99 11:59:26 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99