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Article #19617: Turbo C++ Suite CD-ROM Installation FAQ

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     FAQ: FAQ4617C - Turbo C++ Suite CD-ROM Installation FAQ
Category: Install Issues
Platform: All
 Product: C++Builder1.0,   TC++Dos3.0,   TC++Win4.5,   


How do I get past the few install issues for TC3.0 for DOS
and TC4.5 for Windows for the Turbo Suite CD-ROM?
And how do I contact Borland for installation assistance?
The contact information seems outdated.


The SOURCE path shows up as \.
You need to manually point it to the TurboC30
after selecting your CD-ROM drive a s the SOURCE drive.

    Viewing install.txt or readme.txt during installation 
in WIN9x does not bring you back to the install. 
Press SKIP when asked to view these documents during the 
installation. View them before or after installation by
navigating to them in the CDROM\TurboC45\Install directory.

Updated contact information:
Borland Developer Support Installation Line:

Borland News Forum Installation Group
NNTP server:  forums.borland.com
Group:             borland.public.install.bcpp

The TechFax information is correct.

Insallation TI's and FAQ's can also be found at:
http://www.borland.com/devsupport/bcppbuilder/ti/#Install Issues and
http://www.borland.com/devsupport/bcppbuilder/faq/#Install Issues

Compuserver and BBS are no longer available.

6/16/99 3:07:28 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99