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Article #19731: NT Authentication/Integrated security

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     FAQ: FAQ4731B - NT Authentication/Integrated security
Category: Database (MSSQL)
Platform: All-32Bit
 Product: All-CBuilder,   BC++5.x,   C++Builder1.0,   C++Builder3.x,   C++Builder4.x,   Delphi2.x,   Delphi3.x,   Delphi4.x,   VdBase7.x,   


If Integrated Security is enabled on my MSSQL sql server 
how do I make the BDE MSSQL SQL Links driver use 
Integrated Security?


Leave user name and password blank in your application's 
TDatabase and make sure that the USER NAME in the BDE 
ALIAS and MSSQL driver settings is blank (used as a default
when an ALIAS parameter is blank).

7/13/99 10:13:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99