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Article #19750: Title: Component Pallette Icons are jumbled/scrambled/mixed-up

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     FAQ: FAQ4750C - Title: Component Pallette Icons are jumbled/scrambled/mixed-up
Category: Install Issues
Platform: All Windows
 Product: C++Builder1.0,   C++Builder3.x,   C++Builder4.x,   


The icons in my component pallette are 
jumbled/scrambled/mixed-up. How do I correct this?


Go to the web site of the manufacturer of
your video card or your computer and download the
most recent video card driver updates.

If that fails to alleviate the problem, your
remaining options are to run the compiler in
Safe Mode (VGA Mode for Windows NT) or to select
the component tab or tabs that you least need
and delete it/them. If deleting one does not work,
delete a second or a third. Deleted component
pallette tabs can be easily reinstalled at any time.
Instructions are provided below.

This problem is caused by the particular video driver
in use not being able to properly cache streaming
bit map images. When the number of bit maps exceeds
the drivers maximum capacity, it begins storing the
images in the system memory. If it does not or cannot
execute this task properly, the bit maps are displayed
incorrectly, if at all.

Restarting A Computer with Win95/98 in Safe Mode:

A) Go To -> Start | Shut Down | Restart Computer  -  Yes.
B) When the computer beeps, 
    1) hit the F8 key OR
    2) hit the F8 key continuously after clicking Yes
        to restart the computer.
C) If/When shown the menu with several choices,
    '3. Safe Mode' being one of them, choose #3 Safe Mode.

Deleting a tab from the C++ Builder component pallette:

A) Right-click on a component pallette tab and select
B) Under the 'Pages:' menu select the tab
   that you wish to delete.
C) Under the 'Components:' menu select a component and then
   click the 'Hide' button in the lower part of the window.
   Do this for each component until all are hidden.
   Note: Attempting to delete a tab without having hidden 
   all components on that page will produce an error message
   stating: "A page must be empty before it can be deleted."
D) Click 'OK'.

Reinstating a deleted component pallette tab:

A) Right-click on a component pallette tab and select
B) Under the 'Pages:' menu select '[All]'.
C) Click the 'Default Pages' button in the lower
   right portion of the window.
D) Click 'OK'. The pages will be reset to their 
   default settings.

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Last Modified: 01-SEP-99