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Article #19769: How do I stop C++Builder Direct from popping up?


Often when I launch Builder a small window with the title C++Builder Direct appears, containing links to current developments concerning C++ Builder. I'd rather not be immediately informed of bugfixes and updates, and i'd like to disable this feature. How do I do that?


In order to diable this tool, you must edit the registry.


Changing your registry affects your whole system. You should back up your registry before making any manual changes to it. Inprise is not responsible for problems resulting from changes you make to your registry.

Run the registry editing utility called Regedit, but clicking the start button and choosing 'Run'. Type "regedit" in the edit box and click 'OK'.

Navigate through the registry tree to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Borland/C++Builder4.0/Known IDE Packages

Delete the line that contains "bcbdrt40.bpl".

Close regedit. C++Builder Direct will no longer appear when you launch C++ Builder.

Last Modified: 18-JAN-00